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Behavioural Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems
COST Action IC1201


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WG Meeting: Monday 17th February 2014 in Brussels

This meeting is for members of all Working Groups to discuss future research within the Action and in particular to begin work on one or more research proposals for Horizon 2020.

The meeting will take place at the COST Office in Brussels.

Here is information about the location of the COST Office.

Here is a list of recommended hotels, which will provide a special rate of €120 for participants in COST meetings.


  9.30  Welcome; overview of BETTY (for the benefit of our invited speaker): Simon Gay

  9.40  Presentation by Dr Jorge Gasós, Software and Services, Cloud, European Commission DG Connect

10.10  Questions and discussion

10.40  Coffee break

11.15  Presentation of specific proposal topics (there are some more details on the wiki).

  • Reverse-Engineering Interoperability (Hans Hüttel).
  • Self-adaptive types for dynamically changing behaviours and security policies in communication-centered programming (Mariangiola Dezani / Ilaria Castellani).
  • Protocol spaces (Jakob Rehof).

11.45  Identification of interested groups / sub-groups.

12.30  Lunch

13.30  Separate into groups, according to interest in proposals.
          Each group to produce:

  • List of potential partners who are not present.
  • List of potential industrial collaborators.
  • Outline structure of proposal: aims, methods, deliverables, timescale.
  • Action list and timescale for completing the proposal.

15.30  Coffee break

15.50  Summary of progress by each group.

16.00  End, for those who need to leave early.
          Others may continue working until the office closes.