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Behavioural Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems
COST Action IC1201


You are here: Home / Meetings / WG/MC Meetings: Friday 4th September 2015 in Madrid

WG/MC Meetings: Friday 4th September 2015 in Madrid

There will be a meeting on the morning of Friday 4th September, as part of Madrid Meet 2015 at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. This is immediately before the WS-FM / BEAT conference, which starts on Friday afternoon and continues on Saturday. The BETTY meeting will be in the same room as WS-FM / BEAT: room 103, which is on the first floor of the Mathematics Faculty building (go upstairs from the entrance, then upstairs again).

If you plan to attend WS-FM / BEAT, then you need to register for it separately. There is no BETTY funding for the registration fee. Also, BETTY will reimburse a maximum of two nights' hotel at the standard rate of €120 per night.


 9.30 Simon Gay :: Welcome and introduction 

 9.40 Francisco Martins (University of Lisbon) :: ParTypes: a toolchain for validating and synthesising MPI programs

10.00 Nicholas Ng (Imperial College London) :: Code generation from Pabble

10.20 Vasileios Koutavas (Trinity College Dublin) :: Inferring session types in ML

10.40 Raymond Hu (Imperial College London) :: Deriving a Java API from Scribble

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Hugo-Andrés López (University of Lisbon) :: Declarative interpretations of session-based concurrency

11.50 Discussion :: ideas for the final BETTY meeting, October 2016

12.05 Discussion :: ideas for a possible follow-on COST Action

12.20 Presentation of proposals for the BETTY Summer School 2016 (order to be randomised):
            Lisbon (Dimitrios Mostrous): proposal details
            Malta (Adrian Francalanza): proposal details
            Cyprus (Anna Philippou): proposal details

12.45 Management Committee meeting: Agenda, Minutes of the previous meeting. Minutes of this meeting.

13.30 Lunch break

15.00 WS-FM / BEAT begins