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Behavioural Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems
COST Action IC1201


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Final Meeting: 6th/7th October 2016 in Lisbon

The final meeting of BETTY, including the final Management Committee meeting, will take place on 6th and 7th October at NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal.

The meeting will be co-located with a meeting of the EUTYPES COST Action on 5th October. There will be a joint session on the morning of 6th October.

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The meeting will be hosted by the NOVA LINCS research centre in the Faculdade de Ciencias e TecnologiaNOVA University of LisbonFCT/NOVA is on the south side of the River Tejo, across the river from the city of Lisbon. Travel information is here (to see the English version of the FCT/NOVA page, click on the UK flag).

The meeting takes place on the ground floor of the Library building.

The EUTYPES COST Action meeting takes place on the seminar room of the Informatics Department (Brown building with label CITI/CENTRIA here).


Thursday October 6
Session 1 (Chair: Simon Gay)

09:00 Nobuko Yoshida. Session types and their open problems
10:00 Bernardo Toninho. On the Logical Interpretation of Sessions
10:20 Luis Caires. Session Types, Control Effects, and Linear Logic
10:40 Marco Carbone. A Logical Explanation of Multiparty Session Types

11:00 Break

Session 2 (Combined with EUTypes) (Chair: Simon Gay)
11:30 Herman  Geuvers. Formal verification of C code at Radboud University Nijmegen, an overview
12:10 Zhaohui Luo. Linear dependent types
12:30 Tarmo  Uustalu. Interaction Morphisms

12.50 Lunch

Session 3 (Chair: Hans Hüttel)
14:00 Bogdan Aman. The Intimacy of Session Types and Proof Theory
14:20 Thomas Hildebrandt. DCR Graphs Technologies for Declarative Process Design, Analysis and Simulation
14:40 Joao C. Seco. Typesafe Eventful Programming with DCR Graphs
15:00 Luis Cruz-Filipe. Foundations of Choreographies

15:20 Break

Session 4 (Chair: Thomas Hildebrandt)
16:00 Garret Morris. Session types in Haskell
16:20 Luca Padovani. FuSe: A Simple Library Implementation of Binary Sessions
16:40 Hugo T. Vieira. ProPi: A Tool for Progress Analysis of Message Passing Programs
17:00 Nicholas Ng. Protocol-driven MPI program generation

17:20 Break

17:30 Management Committee meeting: everyone is welcome for an overview of the achievements of BETTY. 

18:15 End

19:30 Dinner

Restaurant Atira-te ao Rio.

To get to the restaurant, take the tram from the campus, to Cacilhas. Walk along Rua do Gingal, along the river towards the sea (west). If you are staying in Lisbon, you can return to the city by the ferry from Cacilhas to Cais do Sodré.

Friday October 7

Session 1 (Chair: Luca Padovani)
09:00 Mario Bravetti. Behavioural types to make object-oriented programs go right
09:20 Claudio Vasconcelos. From Object-Oriented Code with Assertions to Behavioural Types
09:40 Cosimo Laneve. Deadlock Detection of Java Bytecode
10:00 Davide Ancona. Trace Expressions for Parametric Runtime Verification
10.20 Hans Huttel. Using Session Types for Reasoning About Boundedness in the Pi-Calculus

10.40 Break

Session 2 (Chair: Nobuko Yoshida)
11.10 Invited talk: Steve Ross-Talbot. Scribble at ThoughtWorks 
12:20 Hugo T. Vieira. Modeling and Typing Authorizations in Role-Based Interaction
12:40 Ilaria Castellani. Taming insecurities with session types

13.00 Lunch

Session 3 (Chair: Ilaria Castellani)
14:00 Ugo de'Liguoro. Session, contracts and compliance
14:20 Ivan Lanese. Retractable Contracts and Beyond
14:40 Jorge Perez. The Open Challenge of Typed Expressiveness in Concurrency

15.00 Break

Session 4 (Chair: Ivan Lanese)
15:30 Jorge Perez. Reactive Sessions
15:50 Laura Bocchi. Session Types for Time-Sensitive Protocols
16:10 Bogdan Aman. Probabilistic Session Types

16.30 Closing: Simon Gay



Funding will be available for BETTY members to attend the meeting.


  • Highlights of research achievements within BETTY.
  • Tool demonstrations.
  • Discussion of future research directions.
  • Exploration of common interests with EUTYPES.


Find a call for contributions here. The submission website is


There is a choice between staying in Lisbon, which has a bigger choice of hotels and restaurants, and staying closer to NOVA on the south side of the river.

If you stay in Lisbon, you will need to travel by train across the river, and then by tram, to get to NOVA. This takes around 40 minutes from the centre of Lisbon.

If you stay on the south side of the river then you should be able to travel to NOVA by tram or bus. You can search for hotels in Almada or (Costa da )Caparica (which is a beach resort).